City of the Lord

by Akintoye Akinsola

I have grown bountifully in the city of the Lord
The Agape Love I have come to nurture within me is now in its season
Its fruits bearing forth good tidings
A ritual of love I now profess and act upon
It has cut off my shackles, replacing it with the finest of gold

I have grown bountifully in the town of the Lord
I have seen his amazing grace in my life
Now who else is yet to join His league?
Who is yet to be among His true followers?
Do not delay, come and enjoy in His abundance
Feel the power of love as it takes you to the land of fullness 

Akintoye Akinsola is an Accountant and Poet from Nigeria whose work is interesting, intriguing, thought-provoking, and compelling. He writes on various themes such as love and pain, among others.

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