Winter Prayer

by Fred Miller

Displays of His great manifestations surround us
with rolling hills mantled in winter quilts
and meadows donned with new fallen snow.
A chorus of freshets nearby babble under blankets of frost and rime.

A new moon peeks up over eastern shores and smiles
down on a breathtaking silence of God’s creations below.
The heavens acclaim Him in a sea of sparkling jewels as
evergreens below summon the eternal light of His goodness.

Let all nature rise up in homage and echo His glory in glad song.
Our hearts melt before warming hearths of everlasting goodness
as our souls are anointed with reflections of his everlasting grace 
and mercies that are offered up for all mankind.

Fred Miller is a California writer. Over fifty of his stories and poems have appeared in publications around the world over the past ten years. Many may be found on his blog:

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