by Catherine Zickgraf

Before the foundations of the earth were laid, 
he was made.  
He lived in God’s mind. His soul, an idea. 
When it was time, he landed tiny as a cell, 
but still he was held in God’s hand.  
He showed up unexpected then stuck around. 
How to forever feed this growing thing 
had no earthly answer. 
Predicting the worst is all we know.  
We are broken and weak, but still this seed 
grows strong, comes forth, and breathes.  

Catherine Zickgraf’s highest purpose has been to be a mother. She finds intellectual fulfillment in homeschooling her autistic son and helping him express himself. Her work has appeared in Amethyst Review, Bearings Online, and Journal of the American Medical Association. Watch/read more at www.caththegreat.blogspot.com 

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