Empty Me

by Jason Kirk Bartley

Empty me,
of what you desire.
Burn out any bad with your Holy
Ghost fire.
When you see that I’m struggling
in this world with my flesh.
Empty me, Lord, bring out my best.
When I pray to you,
to surrender everything.
Fill me with “you” Jesus.
More of the Holy Spirit you’ll bring.
I do not ask for fame or fortune,
or to be taken out of the pain.
I only ask that you be with me,
lest I walk in vain.
Make me your warrior, Christ.
Teach me how to run.
Help me to overcome,
through the power of your Son.
When everything is finished, Lord,
“You” will they see.
A lot more of “You,”
and a lot less of me.

Jason Kirk Bartley is a Christian poet. He is from Chillicothe, Ohio. He is 47 years old and married to Nila, his forever love. He has a Master’s degree in Ministry from Ohio Christian University. 

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