Skeleton In My Closet

by Cynthia Obukoosia

I thought I was done with you,
But that wasn't the case,
I thought I overcame you,
But that wasn't the case,
As you keep on resurfacing,
Every moment you get a chance.

I thought I buried the hatchet,
Yet here you are,
I thought you were long gone,
Yet you are seen,
Once more,
Threatening my existence.

I thought I said my goodbyes,
But now you aren’t gone,
I thought I was never to see you,
But yet the ugly truth has resurfaced.

I know that I ought to be,
A warrior in Christ,
But yet I have let,
The enemy,
Take charge of my mind.

I have let the impossibilities,
Be my definition,
In this war,
Of the battle,
Of the mind.

Cynthia Obukoosia is a poet who is passionate about sharing the Word of God. She recently published her first book Modern Psalms on Amazon.

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