The Great Day

by Josephine Oluwafunke

Lives are lived, lives are cut short.
Destinies are fulfilled, destinies are truncated.
Good deeds are done, but evil deeds prevail.
When will these end? I ask myself.

I heard of a day – a very great day.
I heard all seeds, of God and of the serpent,
Will be present on that day.
The Maker of all will be seated
On a great white throne, to judge this earth.

What does this day mean? Do you know?
Enlighten me, I want to know more.
What precisely is this day meant for?
Will this day end all struggles of this world?

I sought, and found out that this day is a mystery.
People all over the world, both great and small,
Free or bond, rich or poor, kings or servants,
Will all be present before the throne.

Book and books will be opened.
There, the records of all deeds are kept.
People will be judged due to their works.
Even I, won't be left out.

This day is the judgement day.
All will be present to sow what they reap.
What is this day to you, oh friends? 
A day of joy or a day of sorrow?

Josephine Oluwafunke is an undergraduate student from Nigeria. She is a fashion designer and a poet. She loves writing poems and has written many inspiring poems that soothe the heart. She has also taken part in anthologies such as Dreamcatcher, Power of the Mind, Mirage, and more.

One thought on “The Great Day

  1. Wow, this is so impressive. What a good and Godly write up with deep message within. So, thoughtful.


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