God’s Treasure

by Nila K. Bartley

The gift came from above
To show the measure of God’s love.
Why should the Lord, the Almighty,
be mindful of how mankind would fare.
This priceless gift shows His love is beyond compare.
This priceless gift was the best He had to give.
So that each of us may freely live.
Live free from sin, death, and satan’s grip.
Because of the power of His priceless gift, the veil did rip.
The veil was meant to keep us apart from, God, the Holy one.
This priceless gift did the work. The task was completely done.
This priceless gift paid the ransom for all that day.
All have been redeemed by this gift,
no matter your way.
All who accept this priceless gift are heirs.
Heirs to God’s kingdom and now can lay down their cares.
Cares to be laid at the feet of the gift,
So we would no longer be in sin’s wake adrift.
This priceless gift is the Rock, the Anchor, the Hightower of safety to those who would receive.
On this gift, a person must believe.
Believe in the goodness of God.
This gift is with us everywhere we trod.
This gift is the Lord’s One and Only Son.
Through His blood, the victory is won.
To have given His Son is the Father’s will and good pleasure. 
This is how we became His treasure.

Nila K. Bartley is in her late fifties and lives in Ohio with her forever love, Jason. She volunteers at her church and serves Jesus with her writing. She considers her writing ability to be a talent from the Lord. She derives joy from this and hopes people are blessed by her writing.

One thought on “God’s Treasure

  1. What a stunning piece! Praise God for blessing you with a gift of writing to glorify his name.


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