Space and Time

by Susan Sanderson

The space race sent animals and people into orbit.
The USSR and the USA were the nations 
Competing to be first to land on the moon.
The USA planted a flag, achieving their aspirations.

I listened on the radio to the moon-landing;
Then played moon-themed music on the piano.
Now people question whether it really happened.
Conspiracy theorists from a later time say that it wasn’t so!

People question whether Jesus really came from outside space
And time. Only if you allow Him to be your Saviour
Will you begin to fathom the mystery of how Someone,
Who trod this Earth long ago can affect our behaviour. 

Susan Sanderson is an empty-nester living with her husband in the North of England. As a blogger and writer, she is a member of the Association of Christian Writers (ACW). Two of her poems have been published in ACW’s print magazine, Christian Writer

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