Multifaceted Light

by Susan Sanderson

There was light from the sun when the world was begun.
The moon gave the night some silvery light.
Trying to catch light doesn’t work right –
There are shadows instead of light’s glows.

Dark and heavy are opposite to light, d’you see?
Shedding light on something gives insight.
Shining a light on a prism gives colours bright.
Light is photons brave and also a wave.

Light reveals. It affects how one feels.
The Light of the World’s light’s banner unfurled,
While stars and the world into space were hurled.
Light and glory are from the best story.

Susan Sanderson is an empty-nester living with her husband in the North of England. As a blogger and writer she is a member of the Association of Christian Writers (ACW). Two of her poems have been published in ACW’s print magazine, Christian Writer

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