Hope Renewed

by Lori Wall-Holloway

Outside red brick building
people gather and drink
steaming coffee
surging with flavor
while greeting others
with same warmth

The affability continues
inside once doors burst
open to usher’s cry
of “Welcome to the House
of the Lord!” 

I enter and sit with other 
congregants but find
despondency tries 
to engulf my morning
while music flows
from instruments
during worship

The pastor suddenly stops
with a message from God
“You are my special treasure…”
I experience a sensation
of being loved and am ready
to tackle life’s problems again

A wife, mother and proud grandmother, Lori Wall-Holloway resides in Pasadena, California, where her poetry appears in several of the area’s anthologies. She enjoys capturing moments in the lives of those she loves and hopes her work will give encouragement to subsequent generations.

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