Creation of a Song

by Lori Wall-Holloway

A joyful trill bursts forth 
from bell of horn 
as dancing fingers push 
on buttons to create 
a sound of jubilation

joined with low
and high pitches
from strumming 
steel strings that build
to a crescendo of vibration
trembling with each refrain

to match mixed harmonies
generated from hands gliding
over black and white ivory keys
that resonate a musical blend 
of notes speaking vitality
into measures of life

encouraging the pound of drums
pulsating with strong, steady beats
reverberating with rhythm
to blend with crashing cymbals
and tapping toes

birthing forth a new melody 
with the surge of each instrument’s 
phrase and together create 
a song to give God glory

A wife, mother and proud grandmother, Lori Wall-Holloway resides in Pasadena, California, where her poetry appears in several of the area’s anthologies. She enjoys capturing moments in the lives of those she loves and hopes her work will give encouragement to subsequent generations.

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