Interview with Poet Maid Čorbić

by Ana Stjelja

Maid Čorbić is a 21-year-old poet from Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, whose poems have been widely anthologized. He is the moderator of the World Literature Forum WLFPH (World Literature Forum for Peace and Humanity) and the editor of the First Virtual Art portal.

In a casual interview with our Interviews Editor, Ana Stjelja, Maid opens up about his journey so far.

When did you write your first poem on Christianity? What was it about and what inspired you to write it?

I wrote my first poem, inspired by Christianity, in 2018. It was titled Glory to Jesus. I found the inspiration in the nearby church.

To which extent is your poetry inspired by spiritual topics?

I always knew how to recognize the values of spirituality. As a poet, I have a feeling that nothing is as complete as I thought it was. Therefore, I still believe that all I yearn for and all I feel is an inner love, which I put in a form of poems, in some spiritual form. I consider myself a good person who likes helping others.

What do you find inspirational in Christianity as a poetry topic?

I always find inspiration in Christian themes, especially when I go to various church events, particularly on religious feasts, because I tend to respect other cultures and I think we all need to do so. A special feeling is to see people praying and in what way they pray, as praying is necessary and so divine. This is what I love most when I create a poem, to express my spirituality and faith when I see how people behave in the real world, because all the religions of the world connect us after all.

In your opinion, what are the major ideas that Christianity brought up? What do you personally admire the most in Christianity?

The greatest ideas are justice and reconciliation because Christianity is a religion open to everyone, and it is something we should all admire, because the love we have must justify all expectations and all conditions if we want to create a better world.

What your poems are predominantly about and what is your poetic discourse?

My poems mostly talk about Christianity and spiritualism. I usually write poems on themes that vary from portal to portal I write for, and they are all unique.

If you could choose one key word that would depict Christianity the best, what would it be and why?

Help, because Christianity is always something deeply connected to goodness and mercy, piety and the creation of words without borders.

What inspires you the most as a poet? What messages are you trying to convey through your poetry?

The biggest inspiration for me are the people who will continue to represent the future in poetry and give spectra of brilliance and serenity, because that is what we all need for the future and that is the real development for us as a humankind. What strikes me most is a positive sense of poetry that has a good message, talks about some useful things, and teaches us some cultural things that we take for granted every day. In poetry, the most important thing for me is that the poem has a flow and that it speaks of spirituality, because today it has become the last option for all of us.

How poetry corresponds with the modern time? Is it still important, or it’s outdated?

Poetry is much needed in today’s world, so each of us must feel satisfaction with what we have today. In my opinion, we must show bigger support to young people around us, because youth is the future. Young people have the power to do anything; poetry is the meaning of socializing and creating a written trace that will continue to awaken in us everything that is necessary for our spiritual development of the mental state. Therefore, poetry is above the needs of all of us more than ever.

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