Margin of Error

by Mark D. Stucky

If, statistically, Adam and Eve
hadn’t exceeded Eden’s margin of error,
would lambs now be lounging with lions?
Would toothy T-Rexes have been vegan?
Would we love our neighbors and enemies
as we love our less-than-perfect selves?
Would we make war no more
and have peace on earth?

But, certainly, mistakes were made!
And now, we should wherever possible
correct for past and future errors,
across centuries of commissions and omissions.
Like the trembling woman sprawled in the dust,
“go and sin no more” is also meant for us.

Mark D. Stucky has degrees in religious studies, pastoral ministry, and communications. After being a pastor, he became a technical and freelance writer. In his day job, he’s documented technology products (ranging from building automation to satellite communications). In free time, he’s written articles, stories, and poems on a variety of (usually spiritual) topics. For more writings, see

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