A Song for a Song

by Day Sibley

for Sister Rosetta Tharpe

You can hear the heavy drawl of the south
escape her laughter
her fingers dancing on her strum
in front of a merry platoon
of wiggling hips
hand claps.
dripping from laughing faces
not slavin’ at their nine to fives.
God is in the crowd
dancing along
being present
and this is what it means
to connect.

Day Sibley is a writer and multidisciplinary artist from southern Nevada. She previously served as an extern for the Red Rock Review-Journal at CSN, and was the secretary for the Blue Sage Writers at NSC. She is the founding editor of Dream Noir magazine, and her work is published in Marias at Sampaguitas, Royal Rose Magazine, Quail Bell Magazine, The Drabble, Sandstone & Silver, and more. 

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