Within Your Hands

by Kaci Rigney

My life is safe within Your hands;
There is no place I’d rather be.  
For here at home or distant lands
I cling to You, and You to me.
I hide within Your sheltered cleft;
My life is safe within Your hands,
And look to You, not right or left,
Nor to the sea, nor to its strands.
As Advocate, my Jesus stands
In my defense, His blood, He pleads.
My life is safe within Your hands;
You hear my prayers; You see my needs.
So, I will stay within Your grace
And cling unto Your pierced hands.
For in Your care, my soul, I place.
My life is safe within Your hands.

Note: pierced in this poem is pronounced pier-ced.

Kaci Rigney holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Vocal Music from California Baptist College (now University) and has enjoyed a lifetime of singing and writing music and poetry. She is the author of Like That, a series of twelve poetry chapbooks, and A Poetic Journey, a seven-book series on how-to-write poetry, for which she is currently seeking a publisher. As a contest winner, she is published in both book and magazine. Kaci’s life is devoted to Christ Jesus, her husband Kevin, their two daughters, and six sweet grandchildren.

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