Living Water

by Kaci Rigney

Water, let me glimpse Your gleams;
Dry, I cannot feel Your mists anymore,
And I adore Your streams,
Waterfalls and crashing waves.
My stresses will flee as my heart feels whole.
Peacefulness, my soul craves.
Oh, Your bubbling employ
As I praise the Living Water, oh, start
To fill my heart with joy.

Like a pen filled full with ink—
Of fountains deep, of glorious springs, fill me—
Refresh me, let me drink.

Kaci Rigney holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Vocal Music from California Baptist College (now University) and has enjoyed a lifetime of singing and writing music and poetry. She is the author of Like That, a series of twelve poetry chapbooks, and A Poetic Journey, a seven-book series on how-to-write poetry, for which she is currently seeking a publisher. As a contest winner, she is published in both book and magazine. Kaci’s life is devoted to Christ Jesus, her husband Kevin, their two daughters, and six sweet grandchildren.

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