The Lamb

by A.S. Chuba

“Oh, Lamb of God, who takes away the sins
Of the world, have mercy on us,” we say.
We hear the ringing bells every Sunday;
We hear these words each time we go to mass.
We overhear these words and let them pass
Through our ears, and we just forget the words
Of John the Baptist, that we all have heard.
But it is from You that all life begins.

For us the cross and all our sins, He bore.
There’s no way to repay Him for HIs Love;
Holy, holy, holy He’ll always be-
We owe Him; it is us who He died for-
We sinners ask for mercy ups above;
Holy, holy, holy He’ll always be.

A.S. Chuba is a 13-year-old Catholic girl in grade eight with a strong passion for poetry. She enjoys writing mostly dreamy freestyle poems without precise meter. She lives in Canada with her parents and four little siblings. She hopes to continue writing throughout her life and maybe bring a few people back into the True Fold.

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