On This Day

by Daun Wright

On this day, Jesus bled so that I could live
A Crown of thorns He wore, no ordinary hat
Nails in his side and wounds brutally applied formed stripes on His back
A Cross heavily bearing my sins, tore up His shoulder, but He carried it, 
So that I might live!!! 

On this day, Jeshua was jeered, spat on beaten, mocked 'Save Yourself King of the Jews'
A long painful journey with a human moment in Gethsemane, but He endured
And I will live!! 

On this day, Lamb of God, You hung between thieves, one saved and will share your Kingdom, the other lost to the evil one
They gave You vinegar for water when you said 'I thirst' and You drank it, burning parched throat, You did it
So that I might live!!

On this day, Mary Your Mother, watched life seeping out of the child she bore, now a Man, The Second Adam, who bore all our sins, even Mother's.
His brother James and His friends watched His life slipping away, when He uttered  " Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani, My God, My God why hast thou forsaken Me"
"It is finished He cried" with His last breath 
He died that we, you, I might live! 

On this day, the world sunk into darkness, the earth rumbled and trembled as the elements responds to the spilling of innocent Blood!!Blood oh so precious, so efficacious and so effective, ridding the world of sin
So that we might live!! 

On this day, the Hope of new life was real
They felt it, Mary Magdalena knew it when she anointed Him with Spikenard
His disciples felt it as He washed their feet, eating their last meal together, Hope lifted them.
Oh, such Wondrous Love
That Jesus would die for me
So that I, even me might live!! 

Daun M. Wright is a Poet, Podcaster & Freelance Creative Writer. She pens poetry that speaks to the heart of our being, while allowing each reader to reflect on their life’s journey. She lives in London, Ontario, Canada.

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