God Didn’t Make Money

by Vern Fein

Warned about the love of money,
the worst worm for the heart.

Praise to St. Augustine—
begged with the poor.

Praise to Jesus—
flogged the money changers
out of the Temple.

Praise to Zacchaeus—
climbed a Sycamore
to give his money back.

Praise to the Samaritan—
spent his silver to heal
when others wouldn’t.

Praise to tent-maker Paul—
sent gifts to the poor
Jerusalem churches.

Praise to St. Francis—
cared about creatures
more than gold.

Praise to Luther—
ridiculed Indulgences
to avoid Purgatory.

Praise to St. Damien—
lived with lepers
though he had a choice.

Praise to Wesley
loved the poor
not their tithes.

Praise to Teresa—
comforted the dying
for a dollar a day.

Praise to Jerry and Sue—
helped and supported
their poor neighbors.

Praise their hearts
full of Heaven’s Treasure.

Vern Fein has publish over 200 poems on over 80 sites, a number of them being Christian-themed.

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