Oh, What a Wonderful World

by Pat Severin

This simple but all-encompassing statement really sums up what I have
been feeling. One would think that these all too familiar sentiments
expressed by generation after generation wouldn’t seem like such a
personal revelation when they hit, but they have. The problem is they’re
never really understood until they’re yours. I can only say that I’m
glad I recognized these feelings now rather than having them when I woke
up on my 85th birthday.

Why is it that we allow life and projects and worries and anxieties to
consume us? Why does it take some of us until much later in our lives
to be overwhelmed with the beauty of a sunrise? Why am I just now truly
listening to the songs of the birds in the morning, taking in the smell
of the dew on the grass and the crispness of the cool air that surrounds
me on my morning walk?

I guess the most obvious answer is that we become “too late smart,” like
my father used to say. But I can’t help but think, “I’ve missed out on
so much.”

How is it that it took till now for me to realize
The wonder of each bud, each tree, the blueness of the skies?
How is it that the world’s so sweet, a fact I’ve missed so long?
The grass so green, the sun so bright, the robin’s pretty song.

Your mighty hand and purpose seen in every single thing
From blade of grass to speckled breast of baby birds that sing
Forever has and ever will enrich the world we live in.
For Nature is the Father’s gift, since time has ever been.

I now awake with joyful heart and sheer anticipation
Of what’s in store for me each day, for me a revelation.
God, thank you for this privilege, to walk in your creation
And see the world anew again, and feel each new sensation.

Forgive me that it’s taken me this long to see creation.
I’d taken it for granted when deserving celebration!
I’m sorry I was “too late smart” but glad I’ve finally seen
The beauty of your handiwork, neglecting to, obscene.

So, Lord, I thank and praise you for your wonderful creation,
But sorry that it took so long to have the transformation
That comes from truly seeing the magnificence you bring
To Mother Earth in all its forms, my heart can’t help but sing!

Pat Severin is a retired Christian school teacher who has served her Lord in many ways. These include school, church and teen ministry and her current personal ministry, creating cards that include her original poems of encouragement. These she sends out weekly to those going through difficult medical issues. She contributes regularly to her online blog, Poetically Speaking, which she began in 2008, and has self-published a number of poetry collections.

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