Trials Comes Knocking

by Suzanne Newman

I’m sitting comfy on the couch,
Feel quite relaxed and calm, assured,
When suddenly there’s rapping, banging,
Knocking, hard, on my front door.
I’m caught off-guard and startled,
Rise, in panic, rush towards to see,
What’s making this disturbance,
Which has worried and unsettled me.
“Good Evening, Ma’am,” a grim voice says,
“My name is ‘Trials’, I’ve come to call”.
My stomach churns in terror,
For I’ve heard this many times before.
This figure looms before me -
A Goliath of a man, in black,
Who holds a stick to beat me with,
And sneers and winks, then tips his hat.
His teeth are brown and rotten,
And his skin’s a deathly, whitened hue,
His eyes are black, like pinholes,
For inside them he holds sorrow’s view.
His shout does rage like thunder
And booms loud enough to shake the ground,
Trial’s constant nagging claws through the mind,
And makes my temples ache and pound.
His overcoat swings slowly
In the troubled winds of change he brings,
He holds a cloth to smother
Any happiness or hymns I sing.
And by his feet there sits a sack,
In which he plans to capture hope,
Trials thoroughly enjoy his work,
And loves to see me fret and mope.
And laughing, just behind him,
I spy Satan, who has come to prance,
And relish in my struggles
That this latest test will make me dance.
Then Trials beckons me outside,
With a cruel, cold finger, sickly smile,
I feel sad, apprehensive,
And my heart thumps, frantic all the while.
But as I step to go with Trials,
I find that I don’t walk alone,
For Jesus Christ stands with me,
And I’m backed-up by His Heaven’s throne!
The Father hears my prayers and pleas,
Gifts courage and strength in His grace,
The Spirit, deep inside me,
Makes me roar and stare in Trial’s face.
Christ Jesus holds my trembling hand,
And whispers “Do not be afraid”,
So then I feel emboldened,
Not so scared of Trial’s troubled-shade.
The Devil ceases laughing,
Trial’s cocky smile drops to a frown,
When they realize that they can’t defeat
A co-heir of Christ’s righteous crown.
Then Jesus and I stride on out,
Along the route that Trials has planned,
I’m confident I’ll see it through,
For I’m upheld by God’s great hand.
Trials does his best to trip me up,
I stumble, but won’t ever fall,
For I’m carried and helped along,
Whilst guided by The Shepherd’s call

Suzanne Newman lives in England with her family. She is currently 47yrs old and has been a born-again Christian since the age of 19. Suzanne has always enjoyed poetry, but only began writing it in earnest in 2018. She joined Facebook in 2019 with the sole aim of sharing her Christian poetry to a wide audience, with the hope of encouraging others in their faith who are going through similar struggles in life to her, such as cancer, depression, grief etc. However dark the theme of her poetry may be, Suzanne always shows how God’s light is there with us in any and every situation. You can follow her at    

One thought on “Trials Comes Knocking

  1. Suzanne,
    So powerful and real. I have read it over and over again. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem.


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