by Mark D. Stucky

HGTV loves flipping homes
for fun and improved listings.
Houses, although important shelters,
are impermanent human structures.

Human spirits, in contrast,
are eternal…but need restoration.
Inspections show we have
cracks in our foundations,
seeping leaks in our minds,
hardened holes in our hearts,
and jagged scars in our souls.

But after difficult demos,
substantial repairs,
and urgent upgrades,
our listings will be priceless.

Mark D. Stucky has degrees in religious studies, pastoral ministry, and communications. After being a pastor, he became a technical and freelance writer. In his day job, he’s documented technology products (ranging from building automation to satellite communications). In free time, he’s written articles, stories, and poems on a variety of (usually spiritual) topics. For more writings, see

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