Thorns That Pierce

by Imogene Mist

Like a thorn
Creeping into my skin before I knew it existed
Loneliness pierced my heart
Began to chisel away at the cracks in the walls 
Walls that made this place my home
My dwelling 

But the cracks are many and the foundation is shaky
And the walls need to be teared down and the Light needs to be let in 

For the cement and concrete that I thought kept me safe
Left me broken
Only when God bursts in 
Breaks every corner of this house I have built
And constructs anew my heart
Only when I let the loneliness break me open
Can the Lord dwell in this space 

The gifts the Lord have given are always gracious
sometimes they pull you apart
rearrange your heart
strike down your pride
but it is always for His glory that we break again and again

Let your thorns pierce your heart for the Lord.
Let your loneliness be the song that draws you closer to the His heart. 

Tamia Adolph (who goes by the pseudonym Imogene Mist) hails from Johannesburg, South Africa and is in the academic field, lecturing English Literature. She has worked as a journalist, content writer, and freelance editor. Her passion for words began at the tender age of 7. Tamia’s faith has transformed her writing, from dark and sombre verses to praise and awe of God’s goodness. She aims to write for the broken-hearted and weary to experience the light of God, the same way she has. 

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