How I Missed You Lord

by Imogene Mist

Oh, how I missed You
When I was blinded by sin
Lost in ignorance 
Convincing myself I knew You 
Yet was so far away from the Truth 

Gracious Lord
Oh, how I missed serving You
My heart sings with joy 
My soul at rest in obedience to Your ways
Oh, how I missed worshipping Your Holy Name when I was in darkness 

But now in the Light
I will turn to You with a smile
Foolish joy shall fill my spirit
Even when I break apart
Tear into two or more
I shall praise You Lord 

Oh, how I missed glorifying You 
My soul searched and searched
Sought after meaning, love, and purpose
Always returning empty and unfruitful 

I never knew how much I missed You Lord
How much jubilation and celebration enter me when I glorify You 
And how much my heart yearned for You
To obey in fullness
To adore in completeness
To make myself void for Your purposes 

How I missed You Lord
How I longed to sing Your praises
May my voice shout out to You in worship
In sickness and exhaustion
In brokenness and mourning
In joy and health

May my voice shout until it releases its last breath of song 
Even then, may Your Holy Name be lifted high.

Tamia Adolph (who goes by the pseudonym Imogene Mist) hails from Johannesburg, South Africa and is in the academic field, lecturing English Literature. She has worked as a journalist, content writer, and freelance editor. Her passion for words began at the tender age of 7. Tamia’s faith has transformed her writing, from dark and sombre verses to praise and awe of God’s goodness. She aims to write for the broken-hearted and weary to experience the light of God, the same way she has. 

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