Following When Blind

by Phil Flott

He came to Jericho,
The crowd surrounded him.
Knew not the miracle to come:
He brightens eyes born dim.
         Amid that throng of people
Timmaeus cried aloud
“Won’t you heal my blindness, Lord?
To beg I’m not too proud.
         I know you are God’s son.
I’ve heard you want to heal.
Restore my sight so I can see;
You will, in faith, I feel.
         The throng around was mad.
Timmaeus should keep quiet.
Who knows the reason now he’s blind
And lives in dark, not light.
         “I want to heal,” Christ said
“Please bring him here to me
I am the agent of love’s mercy
I wish that all live free.”
        Timmaeus sprang right up
He threw away his cloak.
He praised the Lord who let him see
And all his blindness broke.
        O Lord, I follow you
To where you lead ahead.
I don’t know what my end will be,
But in your steps, I’ll tread.

Phil Flott is a retired Catholic priest. He has recently been published in Poetic Sun, Vita Poetica, In Time of Singing, and many others.

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