My Sorrows

by Hadassah Treu

My sorrows are a gift. 
I just need to tear down 
With hands that hurt and bleed
The ugly, painful wrap. 

I must cut deeper like a surgeon
To tear open layer after layer 
And then I find the hidden gift, 
The real answer to my prayer.

I can perceive it clearly then 
Exposed like a shining gem 
The truth that every heavy sorrow
So pregnant was with pure joy. 

Hadassah Treu is a devotional writer, poet, award-winning blogger, and contributing author to several faith-based platforms like Devotable, and several devotional and poetry anthologies in English and Bulgarian. Her poems in English are featured on Thoughts About God, Poetry Host: Christian Poetry & Spoken Word, Words Inverse and Awaken Our Hearts.

One thought on “My Sorrows

  1. Very beautiful poem. The pure joy is a gift deep hidden inside our sorrows. We need to keep on praying in our dark seasons and the morning will be absolute treasure. The image of the surgeon at work is so palpable with words like – cut, tear open , layer etc . Keep penning more 🙏


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