by Carolyn Dale Husen

Frustrated about failing to find the answer to the word puzzle for today, I’m ready to tear my hair out. Suddenly the right word comes to me, and all my built-up tension melts away. Smiling, I start my day. Father, I know you are with me. 

I need to bake for my family’s Easter. Looking for recipes online, in tattered recipe books, and in my disorganized files, I am reminded of family Easter celebrations from years past. Of course. I’ll use Granny’s tried and true recipe for lemon squares. Humming a happy tune, I tell the Lord thanks for his help in all things. 

A friend calls me unexpectedly. It is so good to hear her voice. As I hear of her struggles with her health, I am focused on my lifetime friend now. Praying, I say Lord, please heal my friend. 

Laundry calls to me as I see yesterday’s stacks of clean clothes ready to be put away. Why do I delay doing mundane tasks? I make myself arise from my comfy couch and begin my chores for the day. With a happy heart I thank, Lord, I know you care for everything.  

Is it possible that God is with us through every moment? Does he see me in all my little trials in every hour? It is inconceivable, yet I believe it with all my heart. God to you I dedicate my life – all the minutes that seem to come to naught, yet I know you are right here with me, coloring my day. Thanks, Father, for hearing my thoughts and prayers, infusing my life with power and holiness. 

A retired educator in journalism, photography and editing, Carolyn Dale Husen has also spent 14 years at a large Methodist church as a pastor’s assistant and communications director. She is currently transitioning from technical writing to creative writing and is a member of a Christian writers’ group.

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