A Grandmother’s Prayer

by Carolyn Dale Husen

I savor the wonder of their blessed births, 
their first halting steps, first actual words…
the excitement about their first day at school, 
first prom and first day at college.
I savor with amazement my grandchildren, 
once little ones, now young adults.
One day they are snuggled in my arms
listening to treasured tales over and over,
the next they are speeding across the sidewalks
on their Christmas scooters. 
Now, those days are fond memories 
of a doting Nana.
I still delight in every call
 no matter how brief,
 every text and every visit,
 but most of all
 I long for news of their first
 spiritual awakenings with our loving Lord.

A retired educator in journalism, photography and editing, Carolyn Dale Husen has also spent 14 years at a large Methodist church as a pastor’s assistant and communications director. She is currently transitioning from technical writing to creative writing and is a member of a Christian writers’ group.

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