by Gabriela Docan

Please lay peace over my valleys,
Save me from the mind’s rallies,
Flow smooth rivers in my veins
To ease my existential pains.
Crush the time that flows in me,
You promised me eternity,
Nail my fears on Your wooden cross,
Teach me how to cope with loss.
I hope my virtues will stand tall
And beaming as the icons’ wall,
In front of which the shadows bow;
To kill darkness is my vow.
I won’t allow a horde of sins
To peel away a good heart’s skin,
Just don’t throw my soul to dust,
That would be terribly unjust.

Gabriela Docan is a humanist, poet, beauty hunter, nature lover, chronic daydreamer, over thinker and traveller. Gabriela currently lives in Watford, UK. Her poems appear in MindFullStripes, Writer’s Egg Magazine, and various themed print anthologies published by The Ravens Quoth Press, Sweetycat Press, Clarendon House Publications and The Poet.

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