Four Sundays and a Merry Christmas

by Chanchal Sarin

The season of Advent
The preparation period of four Sundays
Leading up to the Nativity at Christmas
Time to open hearts
Expecting and waiting
Preparation and longing
Prayers in every heart
For Jesus to be born

The solemn preparations for Jesus' arrival
Spiritual exercises
Christmas is round the corner
The birth of Jesus
The Son of God
The December twenty five

Jesus comes as a human being
To love humanity
To share his divinity with humanity
To forgive weaknesses of humanity

The advent wreath
Made of branches evergreen
And the candles five
Depicting everlasting life

The first candle signifies hope
The second for love
The third for eternal joy
The fourth for peace
The fifth, the candle of Jesus Christ

One candle lit on each of five Sundays
The advent period combined
Prayers and songs merge with surroundings

Christmas arrives
Fifth candle is lit
Jesus spreads light on cosmos
Carols singing in the church

Santa brings gifts to people
Give charity is the symbol
Help someone in need
Santa’s theme
Opportunity to mend deeds
You become a better person indeed
When actions are sacred,
An inner journey is possible

Joy spreads all over
Hearts jubilating
Christmas has arrived
Merry Christmas to all
Humanity on earth.

Dr. Chanchal Sarin worked for her Ph.D. (Genetics) under the world-renowned Geneticist, the father of green revolution in India Prof. M.S. Swaminathan. She retired as Associate Professor, University of Delhi, India. Dr. Sarin has authored seven books on Genetics and Biology, and several articles on research and popular science. She has also contributed in many anthologies of poems during last few years. 

Chanchal, over the years, had been actively involved in various scientific and welfare organisations to promote welfare of women and children, creating interest among students and young generations to serve the community for eliminating ignorance and increase scientific temperament.

She is settled with her husband in Gurgaon, India. Her two children, a daughter, and a son, work as medical specialists in NHS, UK.

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