Birth of Jesus

by Chanchal Sarin

Darkness and chaos were on earth
Evils and sins sprouting in the soil of many minds

A candle emerges in the deep darkness
The flame, a metaphor for goodness
A life appears
A virgin birth
Down to earth
In humble circumstances
In a manger
Light appears
Triumph over darkness
A spiritual insight visible
Jesus is born
Asleep in hay bed

A saviour
A healer
Divinity on earth
A bright morning after dark night
It is Christmas Day
Jesus is born today

Jesus, the light of the world
Performed miracles
Gave life to his disciples
Sacrificed his life for others
Rising again three days after burial
A God’s light
Rises again
A soul never dies
Gives us insight.

Dr. Chanchal Sarin worked for her Ph.D. (Genetics) under the world-renowned Geneticist, the father of green revolution in India Prof. M.S. Swaminathan. She retired as Associate Professor, University of Delhi, India. Dr. Sarin has authored seven books on Genetics and Biology, and several articles on research and popular science. She has also contributed in many anthologies of poems during last few years. 

Chanchal, over the years, had been actively involved in various scientific and welfare organisations to promote welfare of women and children, creating interest among students and young generations to serve the community for eliminating ignorance and increase scientific temperament.

She is settled with her husband in Gurgaon, India. Her two children, a daughter, and a son, work as medical specialists in NHS, UK.

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