by Anita Omosivwe

I slip into these shoes
And I become you 
I feel the pangs of hunger
The plight of suffering
And a troubled state of mind

I walk around in these shoes
And your pain becomes mine
Those with meagre opportunities
That don't see as much of God's goodness 
As they should
The oppressed, voiceless
Cheated and deceived 

I experience your joys 
I'm in awe of how you never quit
With resilient smiles that dispel hopelessness

I borrow your skin 
And apathy, judgementalism and selfishness 
Are replaced 
With compassion, love, and sacrifice

But these feelings aren't expressed because I'm a good person
It's our loving, kind and merciful God
Probing me
He feels our pain 
He sees our cries
And He sends help
I can do something and I must

Anita Omosivwe is a newbie writer, mustering the courage to put herself out there. Her works offer words that are not just beautifully written but encourage us to be better versions of ourselves and contributors to the growth of our society. She hopes to be a voice to the voiceless and put smiles on the faces of people. Check out her blog at auniqueicon.qubwebs.com

3 thoughts on “Empathy

  1. I enjoy the figure of speech, it rings to my soul in a way that is undescribable. I like that the words play in my mind and the feeling behind each word gets interwoven with the next. This is beautiful and smooth.

    Thank you for posting this art🤍✨


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