The Narrow Way

by Mark Weinrich

Some claim
this chosen way
a tight rope
of teetering fears,
too risky and joyless
for exploring
the world.

But what appears
too narrow
too confining
is a well-worn trail 
where faith-adventurers
travel with grateful steps.

For whether one
walks side by
side or follows,
the echo of His 
guiding steps, prove
we are never alone.

For nothing compares
to the breadth
and length of His love
to the distance
He’s traveled
to lead each 
of us home.

Mark Weinrich lives a creative life as a writer, photographer, musician, and artist—all wrapped together in an outdoorsman. He is a retired pastor and nine-year cancer survivor. His writing and photography have appeared in over 130 news stand, inspirational, and literary publications. He has sold eight children’s books and currently has two fantasy novels on Kindle.

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