Temporary Home

by Dee Lorraine

“Where are we gonna sleep tonight, Mama?”

“Give me a minute, Todd. I need to think.”

“Where are we gonna sleep tonight, Mama?”

“Help us, Jesus, I know You won’t let us sink.”

“Where are we gonna sleep tonight, Mama?”

“Todd, let’s go sit on those benches over there.”

“Where are we gonna sleep tonight, Mama?”

“Son, don’t worry. Jesus has us in His care.”

“Where are we gonna sleep tonight, Mama?”

“Todd, sit here and pray while I make a call.”

“Where are we gonna sleep tonight, Mama?”

“Son, have faith and believe God will provide it all.”

“Hello, Mr. Hammond? You probably don’t remember me. I stayed at your hotel about three years ago. My name is Mary Moses. I was in Room 423. A terrible storm shut the airport down, delaying all the flights. The airline gave out vouchers to your hotel that night. You were so gracious. Your sweet, kind spirit made me feel so welcome. That stayed with me long after I got home.”

“Mrs. Moses, it might be a surprise, but I remember you. You had a warm, friendly smile and such a cheerful attitude. That brutal storm broke records for wind, hail, and rainfall. Things got hectic here, but you stayed calm and patient through it all.”

“Thank you so much, Mr. Hammond, that’s really good to know. I’m calling to ask a big favor if you have a few minutes or so.”

“My husband died from cancer a month before COVID-19 hit. Three weeks later, a fire in my apartment building forced everyone out of it.”

“Then I lost my job after the city went into lockdown. I was in charge of the front of the house at an upscale restaurant downtown.”

“I’m looking for work and a new place to live, but with schools closed, it’s harder to do. My son Todd and I stay in my car at night and most of the day. The weather forecasters expect a temperature drop, so we need a warmer place to stay. Please, Mr. Hammond, can you help me out? I have $100 I can pay.”

“Mrs. Moses, I’m so sorry for your loss and all that has happened to you. I lost my mother last month to COVID-19, and my hotel business is suffering, too. As an independent owner, it’s a struggle to stay afloat. Life’s been difficult for me, but I’ve been able to cope, thanks to God’s love, grace, and mercy. In my heart, I want to help you, so here’s what I’m going to do.”

“You and Todd come on over. My staff and I will set things up nicely. We’ll prepare our finest suite, and don’t worry about the price. You plan on staying free for 120 days. We’ll leave it at that, through the 31st of May. That gives you four months to handle things you need to do. If you need more time when the end of May comes, let me know, and we’ll renew.”

“While you regroup and face the unknown, consider the suite and hotel as your temporary home. Order room service free or enjoy our fine dining downstairs. Make all the phone calls you want. Use our laundry and exercise rooms. We have free internet and WiFi for your meetings on Skype or Zoom.

“What time will you get here? Will you arrive soon? I’ll tell housekeeping right now to begin preparing the rooms.”

“Mr. Hammond, you’re simply wonderful! That’s so much more than I was expecting! I can’t begin to thank you enough. I praise God for you being such a blessing! We’ll head there in just a few minutes. We’re about five miles away. When we end this call, I’ll tell my son about your generous gift today!”

“Do we have a place to sleep tonight, Mama? I said my prayer just like you told me to. Do you want to hear the prayer I prayed, Mama? I prayed to God just like I’ve heard you do.”

“Dear God, I’m your child, looking forward to going home, but not to one of bricks and mortar. I want to go to the one I’ll never have to leave, the one where everything happens in Your order. But until that blessed day comes, when I join You in Heaven, another temporary home down here would be nice.”

“In the name of Jesus, if it is Your will, please give us a temporary home. One to keep us safe and off the streets, so we won’t have to roam.”

“Why are you crying, Mama? Did I say or do something bad? Please stop crying, Mama. I don’t want you to be sad.”

“Todd, I’m crying because I’m happy! God heard and answered your prayer! He gave us a wonderful new temporary home! Let’s go! Our host is waiting for us there!”

Dee Lorraine writes fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, some of which can be found in Friday Flash Fiction and Midwest Book Review. Dee’s YouTube channel, “Superfast Stories”, features her videos of writers’ drabbles; “Provoke Unto Love” promotes a Christ-centered permanent solution to the USA’s homelessness crisis.

One thought on “Temporary Home

  1. “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Tiny Todd’s faith is all that was needed to move the seemingly insurmountable. A real-life Sunday School lesson. Amen.


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