God, You Are

by Chandra T. Mountain

You are…
the steadying quiet of the morning before the day rushes in,
crashing against my plans and schemes;
the gentle brush of warmth soft on my cheek
when my spirit bows to weariness;
the calm enveloping my soul
as I am crossing over to anxiety and restlessness;
the baptism of sunlight ushering in beauty and delight,
bringing sweet repose to a soul unsettled and worn.
You are…my song of consolation and joy.

Chandra Tyler Mountain is an English professor at a small liberal arts university. When she is not with her guys, in class or her sunflower-brightened office, she is roaming, camera in hand, shooting beauty and inspiration, or sitting quietly in the shade of a tree drawing flowers. She writes poetry, inspiration, and creative non-fiction. She maintains a blog about snail mail, photography, and the beautiful facts of life at https://iamchandralynn.com

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