Rescued by Love

by Sybil Samuel

She glistened gold,
Touched by the brilliance of Truth
The light of truth
Illuminating the hidden labyrinths,
The secret dungeons of her soul.
The peculiar writings scribbled on the walls of her heart appeared narrating her untold tale.
She resided in a land of fables
Wandering in solitude, seeking her solace.
Her scars still burned
Leaving trails of scarlet instead of smoke and ash
It began gleaming silver in the warmth of his love.
His love a tender caressing ointment,
The healing balm of Gilead
His tears ran as streams, overflowing with compassion and eternal love.
And soothed her wounds and aching heart.

Her soul was hiding behind the thick velvet veils
Behind the cage of thorns,
Sharp thorns of past that pierced her skin deep.
Yet he approached
Even though he bled,
The crimson of mercy flowed reconciling her guilt
And tore the velvet veil of shame 
The winds blew gently,
Chiming a melodious praise
The crocus buds bloomed
The winters of darkness slept forever
And the pale autumn of her life awakened to spring.

He held her frail hopes,
The ashes of her dreams in his palms and spoke 'Life'
He exhaled and blew them in air
While she watched silently
Still clutching the threads of dismay in her fingers
He smiled knowing her failings and aware of all her fears.
She watched in silence
Her eyes brimmed with tears
The horizon was lit with auroras and colours of rainbow, cascading a magical aura.
Her dreams began to glitter as fireflies
She stood transfixed
Her dull robes transformed into her favourite pale blue aquamarine
And a crown appeared resting on her head.

She wept tears of joy
And she cried hard clutching his hands
A crimson drop rolled down her head
She cried in pain as she touched her forehead
There were tiny shards of glass
He answered calmly addressing her doubts " These shards are trauma"
He paused
There was silence for a while
Then he spoke, " You felt abandoned..."
His eyes wet with tears," I never left you"
She whispered his name
And broke into tears
His appearance was radiant with glory
His voice, the sound of many waters
Echoed in the recess of her heart,
In the rhythms of her heartbeat.
His adoring gaze melt her heart
His eyes, sapphire, burning flames of light
Piercing to the depths of soul.
He saw her soul
Resting now in the embrace of his love
The shards soon disappeared
He adjusted her crown embellished with gems
And smiled, a reassuring smile emitting such peace that transcends all understanding.

“My love is enough for you”

Sybil Samuel is a dreamer, artist, overthinker, a misfit with an insatiable quest for reading and writing. She loves music, movies, travelling, hiking and exploring new things. She doesn’t believe in perfection because many times, it is imperfection which paints the perfect story.

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