by Olivia Arieti

The sky darkened
On the lonely hill,
The wooden bars
Too heavy
For the burdened
The path
Too steep
For the saddened
A desperate crowd
Followed the nailing,
The thorns,
The bleeding,
Till all souls
Gathered beneath
The Saviour 
And looked up
For the last ray
Of Redemption
Before darkness

Olivia Arieti, with a degree from the University of Pisa, lives in Italy with her family. She is a published playwright and also writes poems and short stories. Her poems appeared in Women In Judaism, The Wanderlust Review, Poetica Magazine, Eye On Life, VWA: Poems For Haiti, The Harsh And The Heart Anthology, The Expeditioner’s Guide To The World, Bridging the Cultural Divide Anthology, Feile-Festa, Haiku Of The Dead, Obama-Mentum Anthology, The Seasons, Trouvaille Review, and Poetica Clarendon House Books.

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