by Olivia Arieti

Life is too short
To struggle
And the creatures
Of Hell know it.
The price
Always the soul,
Scorned and
In the black quest.
Is granted,
And fulfilment pursued
But the midnight hour
Ignores the strike
Of repentance,
And wings of fire
Drag away
The heartless bodies
Forever lost
To the beauty
Of Redemption.

Olivia Arieti, with a degree from the University of Pisa, lives in Italy with her family. She is a published playwright and also writes poems and short stories. Her poems appeared in Women In Judaism, The Wanderlust Review, Poetica Magazine, Eye On Life, VWA: Poems For Haiti, The Harsh And The Heart Anthology, The Expeditioner’s Guide To The World, Bridging the Cultural Divide Anthology, Feile-Festa, Haiku Of The Dead, Obama-Mentum Anthology, The Seasons, Trouvaille Review, and Poetica Clarendon House Books.

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