Forty Eight

by Christine Fowler

Good Shepherd Sisters
lying in repose
warmly wrapped
beneath clod and earth.
A life of scarcity
worn hands
and bended knee.
Nights in chapel
full of prayer,
faith on each lip
and heart.
Chosen by God
to pray for the lost
and help those in need.
Brides of Christ
devoted to the last,
lived their lives
with love and prayer.
Now fulfilled in every way
cherished by God
they live in his care.

Christine Fowler began seriously writing poetry and fiction in 2019. She is passionate about performing and since 2020, her prose and poems have been published in journals, anthologies and film both online and in print in the USA and UK. Her work often follows a dark theme reflecting her varied life experience. Her poems are showcased in and @christine.fowler.poetry

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