Learning to Walk

by Mark Jodon

I dream about the inside 
of darkness, new creations 
waiting for birth.

How miraculous to see what is 
born in the wilderness struggle 
to rise and stand on wobbly legs.

I think we must trust the light
inside our darkness before we can 
see our way to our feet.

Sometimes the darkness is our chance
to practice getting up after we fall
without anyone seeing us.

Maybe there are angels tending to us 
in the dark, in ways we don’t know 
until we learn to walk.

Mark Jodon is the author of Day of the Speckled Trout (Transcendent Zero Press).  He is an Iconoclast Artist (www.iconoclastartists.org). His poetry has been featured in the Houston Poetry Fest, displayed in a city hall with a photography exhibit, quoted in a doctoral dissertation, incorporated in a wedding ceremony, and read in contemplative worship services.

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