Four Star Constellation

by Mark Jodon

There are things we see in the light 
of darkness we will learn to love.  
Mysteries curled like question marks. 
Questions like do you love me
or am I loved waiting for answers.  
I will wait in the darkness with you.  

Take my hand.  The space between 
our palms is dark and holy, a tiny chapel. 
The silence between our words 

are unspoken prayers.  Communion
is the rhythm of our breaths 
exhaling and inhaling the unknown.

Walk with me.  See if our steps leave 
little prints of light.  I have seen 
a constellation in your eyes: 

four stars the astronomers named 
love, compassion, mercy and grace. 
Light so magnificent and intense

no box of darkness can contain.
This is the light of which the psalmists 
sing.  Songs of deep resonance rising,

born in the place where light 
never goes out.  Soulful lyrics
buoyant with spirit.

Arising, ascending, awakening us
to the truth that the light we long for 
has always been within us.

Mark Jodon is the author of Day of the Speckled Trout (Transcendent Zero Press).  He is an Iconoclast Artist ( His poetry has been featured in the Houston Poetry Fest, displayed in a city hall with a photography exhibit, quoted in a doctoral dissertation, incorporated in a wedding ceremony, and read in contemplative worship services.

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