He Paths The Way

by Amos Momo Ngumbu Jr

Once upon a time,
When sorrow was the bedspread 
Of my life
My body then enrolled into pain & 
& I became the dark side of discussion 

My eyes were bitterly soaked 
in the hand of the Cavalla river,
Even the smile of the kpatawee waterfall 
Couldn’t heal my broken pieces.  

I was mucked to & fro without hope. 
My itching body was like a home 
of disappointment & 
I fell heavily in the hand of germs. 

But when I was told about Jesus,
My life became the scene of worship; 
his name keeps ringing joy 
And peace into heart
& l was left without a doubt 

He made a way when there seems 
to be no way;
His love has eaten up my heart. 
Oh! I’m now a child of grace and he must 
be praised. 

Amos Momo Ngumbu Jr. writes from somewhere in Monrovia, Liberia. His works are forthcoming in Poetry Soup and We Write Liberia website. He is also the author of the chapbook called ‘Africa Weep No More”. When this lad is not writing a poem, he finds comfort in graphic designing with his laptop as well as reading books.

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