Broken and Bold

by Emmanuel G G Yamba

A vessel of dishonor 
Alarm made by Pharisees who try to ridicule me for committing sin
Denying me of entering the temple even when the curtain was torn in two 

A Joshua in the book of Zechariah 
Rendering verdict seeing my garment contain stain
Like of old, I’m gonna fall in dust and ashes begging for plea

Blinded by sin but I’m gonna keep shouting Son of David have mercy on me
For I know the hem of his garment can dry my ocean of sin and make me clean

I’m on the road to Calvary 
I’m gonna keep pressing till I’m purged at the foot of the cross
Beating my breast and crying in regrets I wanna return with clear debts 

I’m the soldier at Golgotha 
I pierce his side by bartering beauty for mere ashes
But his blood came like water fall, blinding my eyes and making me a new creature 

He’s the Good Samaritan 
Picking me up after being rubbed by the devil like Adam and Eve
He paid for my recovery and exchanged my shame for glory 

I’m broken and bold
Humble in sin coming as heavy laden as I am
Displaying my heart by uttering words of my iniquity at the throne of grace 

This work reflects on sinners' approach to God.

Emmanuel G G Yamba is an emerging Christian poet and also an undergraduate student at the University Of Liberia.

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