Thoughts On Grammy’s Last Visit To Church

by Dan Flore III

I remember my dad
saying something
about Grammy's last visit to church
before she died

I have this vision of her
walking up the steps
into the stone building

funny thing is, it doesn't make me sad
I see her floral print dress, high heels

maybe she was getting ready to meet God
one thing I know is
she met Him
when she entered that church

actually, she met Him long before that
I don't know how, but I see it like this-

on a beach
with the wind blowing rapidly
through her hair

"Pol" I hear God whisper
"I have been waiting for you."

and she responds to Him
as naturally
as the tide washing on the shore

Dan Flore III’s poems have appeared in many publications. His fifth chapbook, Written in the dust on the ceiling fan, was published by dead man’s press ink and is available on Amazon.

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