Dear God

by Augustine Tay

I don't have much to say 
I am amazed by your Grace 

Dear God 
How much more can I say?
Can your love ever be repaid?
Is there something more than 'thanks' to say?

Dear God,
The Father to the fatherless,
Mother to the motherless.
The same yesterday, today, and forever.

Dear God,
Miracle worker,
For you made the blind eyes see, deaf ears hear, the crippled legs walk.
Yahweh, you are.

Dear God,
Sins forgiven. 
Merciful you are and will be. 
I am on my knees. 

Dear God,
I have come not to list my problems,
I am here to say thank you for solving them.
Knowingly, you have been merciful unto thee.

Dear God, 
I am made in your image,
After your likeness.
You made all things beautiful.

Dear God, 
Your begotten son brutalized.
This, we are yet to realize.
Our burden cast beneath your feet. 

Dear God, 
You prepared me. 
Gathering clouds, 
I am watering all my supplies.

Dear God 
Yours truly;
I am grateful.

Augustine Tay is a young and emerging poet from Liberia. He is currently a student at the University of Liberia, where he’s majoring in Geology.

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