Morning Prayer with a Fool in the Room

by Lyndi Waters

You breathe your sublime beauty
into me on my knees,
and I lift my eyes

hoping to catch a glimpse of you 
refilling my leaky chambers,
that I might stand

and walk the world this day
without trying to hoard 
the glow of your holy To-Be-ness.

Your strange lovely gluey light 
holds the fragments
of my fickle and foolish 

humanity together,
the cobblestone path

where I want to place each step
so that it carries forward
not me, but you.

Lyndi Waters is a winner of the Frank Nelson Doubleday Memorial Writing Award, the Eugene V. Shea National Poetry Contest, and is a Pushcart Prize nominee. She is a practicing Catholic, mother, and grandmother, and the author of Butcher Shop of Wild Forgiveness: Poems. Lyndi lives in Wyoming.

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