by K.G. Munro

Gratitude is like a cherry tree blooming on the 3rd of April,
Endless, raw, and beautiful, 
Thank you, almighty God, my father, a being of endless mercy
Thank you to my guardian angels, 
For healing my fragile heart, for sending me 3 blessings
You gave me white wings to fly again, 
You always find a way to save me from my anxieties, 
I’m beyond grateful, 
God bless, you and the rest of humanity 3x over 
His belief in me stopped my soul from drowning in endless water,
Love made me sober up from the pain, 
I was frozen in ice, nothing but crystal pouring from my eyes, 
he thawed my blue heart back to life, 
I went from an empty desert to a flourishing garden
Blue’s, pinks, and green flowers, a rainbow of new beginnings
Back into the garden, my home called Eden.

K.G. Munro is an author, poet, and artist. Her poetry has been published in other outlets such as Poetry Potion, LovePoetry, PSH, and FeversOfTheMind.

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