Prime Art

by Akinmayowa Adedoyin Shobo

For five days,
Time flowed unexcitingly
Beauty lost meaning
Power, ridden in futility 
The ultimate perfection, missing
'Twas all but quiet good misery.

On the sixth day,
Pressed in delicate measure -
The purest materials in God's workshop 
Called all his ageless wisdom, 
And a billion priceless moments may be 
He completed man -
His prime art
He found peace. 

Akinmayowa Adedoyin Shobo is a graduate in the field of the life sciences. He is thrilled by various genres of literature, music, history and science. He divides his time between being a public health researcher and volunteering for community development projects. He writes on several platforms including – book projects, blogs, magazines. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

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