Crossing the Sea

by Akinmayowa Adedoyin Shobo

Where would I have been -
Had the bridge sunk?
Down and Under.
In the retreat of the dead and damned.
Tossed between the grinding teeth of the stormy seas;
Mistakes of my younger self
A whirlpool of sickness and malnourished choices.

Yet in those fearful moments,
With the thought of another second: depressing
The bridge shook precariously
My dear life hung like a dying flame
And self-worth extinguished to a sobbing wisp.

I heard a voice albeit faint –
It chimed at a distance faraway;
Its cadence: reassuring
Then a vast light mighty as the ocean consumed me…

I made it
Across the sea.

Akinmayowa Adedoyin Shobo is a graduate in the field of the life sciences. He is thrilled by various genres of literature, music, history and science. He divides his time between being a public health researcher and volunteering for community development projects. He writes on several platforms including – book projects, blogs, magazines. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

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