Matthew Seven Seven 🎄

by Ojo Victoria Ilemobayo

It all happened fourteen days to Christmas. Ten-year-old Iyinsioluw got to her room that night where she stayed alone. She arranged everything in place, knelt closely towards her bed and closed her eyes in the mood for prayers. Today’s devotion was titled ‘Ask’. Daddy had succinctly explained to the household, according to the Book of Matthew seven seven. Daddy also buttressed the belief that Christmas season is one of the best times for anyone to ask whatsoever is their desire from God.

“Lord, I thank you that I am alive, I thank you for my mom, I thank you for my Dad. Lord, I thank you for my meals, I thank you Lord for everything. God, thank you very much for giving dad money. Thank you for my mom’s hair and my hair, it is beautiful. Lord, thank you for the beautiful gowns my mom gave me for Christmas. Jesus, thank you for the chicken that Uncle John carried to our house, it very big and I promise to give you my share when my mom cooks it.”

“Lord, can you hear me? Today, Dad said that this is the season that you hear us most. Lord, I am sad every time I see Bitu playing with her guitar. Lord, can you give me a fine one, I don’t want the type of Bayo’s, it is a toy made from wood, but I love the colour. Lord, I need a nice guitar from you. In Jesus’ name I ask. Amen.” With this prayer, Iyinsioluwa lay down to sleep and from there, she journeyed to the dreamland.

The Light of Hope church was lit and sparkling with love and light, everyone was wearing a lovely smile and the moon gave her lights with the twinkling singing stars. The service was over and compliments filled the air. Iyinsioluwa sat down where she was, all through the service she fixed her eyes on the Choir partition, close to it was a see-through glass, in it, was a guitar obviously used by the choir, this was what she was looking at till Pastor James tapped her.

Pastor James is the head of the church. He loves children and always encouraged them to love the Lord. He is anxious to know why Iyinsioluwa was not running around, greetings her friends and all that.

P.J: “Hello, Iyinsioluwa, Merry Christmas in advance.”

Iyinsioluwa: “Hello, Big Daddy”

P.J: “What seems to be the problem, dear?” he said as he sat beside her.

Iyinsioluwa did not reply as she kept staring at the guitar.

P.J: “Did someone beat you in that room?”

Iyinsioluwa: “No.”

P.J: “Then why or what are you looking at?”

Iyinsioluwa faced Pastor James this time and said: “I want a guitar of my own.”

P.J: “What have you done so far in getting it?”

Iyinsioluwa: “Daddy said Matthew seven seven, so I did Matthew seven seven.”

P.J: “I trust you, don’t worry. It would come to pass, but let me also pray for you.”

Iyinsioluwa went home with a glint of hope that God would give a guitar.

It’s eight days to Christmas, today is Saturday, so everyone is at home.

It was 1:45 pm when her father came into the living room with a paper and called the household together. 

He asked if this year’s Christmas celebration should be indoor or outdoor, majority choose indoors, because harmattan came along with iron and hammer.

Iyinsioluwa’s father also asked what everyone wished for or wanted for Christmas.

When it got to Iyinsioluwa’s turn, she screamed ‘Guitar.’

Everyone was taken by surprise at her outburst and scolded her.

Iyinsioluwa ran inside, shut her door, held her bible and cried bitterly.

When it was five days to Christmas, Iyinsioluwa’s friends; Sade, Seyi, Shola and Betiku from the neighborhood paid them a visit. After a little snack and fun, they helped in decorating the Christmas tree in the living room and the following conversation began:

Betiku: “My mom is getting me a box of some many things like trains for Christmas. I am so excited. What are you getting for Christmas, Shola?”

Shola: “I don’t know if my mom would get me anything, but I am expecting a Christmas surprise gift from my Uncle in Ghana.”

Betiku: “Sade, Seyi and Iyinsioluwa, what are you guys expecting?”

Seyi: “My Dad is getting me some books.”

Sade: “My aunties are taking me out to the beach.”

Iyinsioluwa: “God is giving me a guitar.”

Everyone started laughing, but she didn’t allow it to get to her.

So, they continued with the decorations, while talking about other children in their neighborhood.

Iyinsioluwa got on her knees, the night of the third day to Christmas.

She slowly flipped to Matthew, opening it chapter by chapter, skimming it till she got to Matthew seven seven.

She read the words one by one to her soul, body and spirit that she shed a tear: Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall find; knock,and it shall be opened into you.

“Lord, I come to your presence this night, Christmas is near, I need a guitar. I promise to use my guitar for your glory…” Iyinsioluwa went on and on and telling God reason he needed to turn up when she prayed.

The sun was up. It was Christmas Eve.

Everyone anticipated the big day of the birth of Christ. Iyinsioluwa spent most of her day in the room, sleeping, daydreaming, replaying Matthew seven seven, anticipating her dream guitar. She never stopped praying and believing that she would get her guitar. She has planned to wake everyone with the strings of her guitar on Christmas Day, announcing the birth of a champion (Jesus).

The Light of Hope was bustling with heads of people all joyous and bright. After months of struggles, all had tons of reasons to thank God and to celebrate.

The Christmas carols were superb. When all the congratulations had gone, Iyinsioluwa went towards the altar, knelt there with her Bible and was praying and weeping for some minutes. Then she felt a hand tapping her and she heard few voices whispering. She opened her eyes, and stood.

Lo and behold; she heard “Surprise!”

Pastor James and her entire family posed with a wrapped guitar wrapped and stretched it towards her.

Suddenly, she started crying. They all came closer and embraced her.

Ojo Victoria Ilemobayo is a young Nigerian poet, student and a video editor. Ojo Victoria Ilemobayo(she) is a young Nigerian Poet,a Student and a Video Editor.

2 thoughts on “Matthew Seven Seven 🎄

  1. Olo, I love this story! Iyinsioluwa demonstrated such great faith, honesty, and humility, even though her friends laughed. She never stopped praying and believing. Ask and it shall be given, indeed!


  2. Wow… Intriguing indeed

    The “seven seven” rolled out well. Thanks, Victoria

    It’s a reminder that asking and believing unwaveringly yields. 🙌🙏


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